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Bark Bros is a family owned and operated company that specializes in the installation methods of various materials from landscape to heavy construction applications. The Family ran a successful landscape company for over a decade with efficiency and the highest standard; it made sense to invest in machines to make the work easier with less labor. With a changing world economy and labor force the Express Blower was the answer. Running Bark Bros and the landscape company for a few years we soon realized we had to focus on efficiency for all markets associated with moving materials. With the sale of the landscape company, we were able to focus our mindset to the needs of our landscape clients as well as grow into other markets. The investment made in our diverse Express Blower Fleet can cater to all needs and has made the impossible……possible!


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Our services offer efficient, cost-saving solutions for commercial and residential projects.

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With two Express Blowers, our EB 40 and EB60, we can handle from big to small projects rolling onto projects with almost 100 cubic yards of mulch between both trucks! Our Express Blower HD45 is the most powerful unit on the market able to blow soils; 3/4” crushed stone, and rooftop media to new heights.

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Brothers Kevin and George Jr. along with their father George Sr. have strived to implement equipment, new ideas, and the best resources to make Bark Bros a leader in moving materials. Ingenuity, a “can do” attitude, and our attention to detail are what set Bark Bros apart. Our commitment to quality is the highest level and we all strive for that standard with all our clients. We look forward to making your impossible… possible.

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