What we do


New to the area, with deep roots in the landscaping industry in Central and Southern Maine, Bark Bros. is a bark mulch and soils installation company with quality of service in mind and the right delivery equipment for the job. We make wheel barrows & compact equipment things of the past. With a range of over 300 feet to deliver mulch or soil, we have minimal impact on the landscape and surrounding environment. Our distribution units propel mulch or soil through an air lock system that charges a 4 inch flexible hose and propels the material through the hose. The operator distributing the mulch or soil has the ability to regulate speed and volume on the fly. This allows us to slow the flow in tight areas like perennial beds and increase rates in wide open beds, playground areas, lawn installation, erosion & silt sock applications.

Our range of options with our blower trucks opens the door to many different applications.

Home owners with sprawling mulch beds that take weekends to mulch, we can come in and take care of large areas in just hours. Our attention to detail looks as if it were laid in there by a rake, but more consistent, flat.

Landscape Contractors are using Bark Bros. Time is money in today’s business, and why would you want a crew of guys wheel barreling mulch all spring when there is so much more they could be doing. Leave the mulching to us!! Our experienced crews will come in and have the job done faster and will “cost” less than it would if you placed it by hand. Malls, shopping plazas, commercial properties have the accessibility for our crews to come in during the night to accommodate such a busy spring schedule. Spring is a busy time, but there is never enough time to complete all of the client’s wishes and deadlines, we can help you make it happen. We will work with you to align our company with your mulch needs. Whether you need help with a large project or want us to complete all of your mulching while your crews are working on other projects, we are willing to work with you.

Construction & Excavation contractors are using Bark Bros to help with erosion prevention & the go green effort in this country and across the world. Erosion prevention and soil & compost installation is all possible with our blower trucks. Erosion Sock is replacing silt fence at a record pace. Erosion sock is a woven sock filled with wood or compost based media. It is an erosion system that can practically be installed anywhere we can place the hose. There is no digging in of silt fence any more. A direct placement of the sock on the soil, pavement, and stone has more contact area and absorbency than silt fence, let alone the constant maintenance of silt fence. Once the sock has been placed it is staked and will not wash or fall over, it will be a stationary filter around any construction site. When project is complete the sock can be cut open and spread over the site or can stay as a natural barrier. Compost and soil installation on those steep slopes and hard to reach places a machine cannot fit. Soils can be premixed with seed to produce a product with seed blown in at the same time as the soil to accelerate the germination of the seed (silt sock applications as well). Steep slopes are easily blown in with compost blankets or topsoil to promote growth and put back a root structure to retard erosion.