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Bark Bros. offers a low-impact and highly efficient solution to mulch installations. Our two state-of-the-art blower trucks can handle a wide range of projects saving you time and money.

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commercial and residential mulch installation
Playground chip surfaces
Safe Chips


IPEMA Certified to ASTM F1292 play safe chips installed for playground surfaces through Maine and New Hampshire.


Want to save time & Money?

Our services offer efficient, cost-saving solutions for commercial and residential projects.

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Erosion Control

Filtrexx SiltSoxx®

Installation of 8”, 12”, 18”, and 24” erosion control soxx barrier on construction sites in lieu of silt fence. This product allows for almost zero impact on the existing environment. No need for digging in erosion control and provides 100% ground contact and allows water to pass and retain sediment. This is a Department of Environmental Protection approved Method. Silt Soxx are Made in the USA, a USDA Certified Bio based product, and in compliance with most state and federal agencies including USEPA, AASHTO, USDA NRCS and US ACE.

Filtrexx SiltSoxx
Filtrexx SiltSoxx
Custom Slope Erosion Control


Bark Bros. can provide custom erosion control mulch, compost, and soil blends to meet the needs of any size slope. We can place materials on these steep slopes in a more economical capacity than other methods. Less equipment and less material in most cases with the ability to seed in the process.


How Can Bark Bros. Help You?

Less equipment, materials, and manpower save time and money.

calibrated injection


This process is more than simply seeding with soil. It’s an exclusive Express Blower process that allows the calibrated injection of seed, fertilizer, and other granular additives directly into the blow stream of soils, compost, or mulches. Use for erosion control blankets, sediment control sock, athletic turf, golf courses, residential lawns, overseeding projects, and native landscapes. Terraseeding® is a trademark of Express Blower, Inc. and the Supplemental Injection System was patented under U.S. Patent No. 6036406. No one else has a system like it.

Benefits of Terraseeding®

  • Seed is planted, rather than exposed on the surface.

  • Germination is increased due to the warmth and moisture surrounding the seed in the soil.

  • The “blown-in” application levels the rough grade of sub-soil with a smooth finished layer of well-draining soil.

Bark Bros. Terraseeding
Bark Bros Crushed Stone
No More Hard-Places


Up to ¾” crushed and round stone is possible with our equipment. Existing Basements, New Foundations, Heavy Highway and Building Construction. With the Express Blower HD45 we are able to put rock in its place. No more chutes, conveyors, rakes and shovels in those hard to reach places. We can grade a floor slab prior to concrete placement to proper elevation without touching a rake or need for a large labor force to prep to grade. Bark Bros has taken the hard task of placing rock to ease that crews all over the state of Maine are thankful for!

The Sky is the Limit


With the global push for a healthier environment roof top gardens are becoming more prevalent in building construction. Soils, mulch and stone need to reach new heights for these gardens. Our equipment handles this task with ease. Pipe is hung on the sides of building construction and media is installed at whatever floor the dream is being built on. No need for the use of cranes, elevators, and man power when the garden media can be placed directly with our operation with little impact on the continued building construction.

Bark Bros Rooftop Media
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